Local Entrepreneurs in the limelight : Kitaabi Keera 


A couple of months ago I came across this really unique account on instagram called @kitaabikeera – they sold bookmarks and pop up books and really cool book related paraphernalia.

So naturally I reached out to them and asked (pestered🙈) them with the various questions I had.

This is what they had to say:

1. Tell us a little about the people behind Kitaabi Keera.

Kitaabi keera is owned by a book-nerd couple, Omer and Ammara and their 3 month old daughter. Omer is an Engineer, Ammara is a Doctor and the little one specializes in…. well, being a baby.
2.  I’d like you to tell me why you wanted to specifically start selling bookmarks and book related paraphernalia? 

Let’s get one thing on the record: we are nerds. And like all certified book-nerd-worms, we have spent an awful lot of time staring and drooling over Bookish Goods on Etsy and International Bookstagram accounts. There were plenty of times when we wanted to indulge in bookish stuff and since it was nowhere to be found in Pakistan, we started importing it ourselves. One day it just occurred to us that there must be a lot of bookworms like us drooling over the same stuff. That’s how Kitaabi Keera came into being.
3.  Which direction do you plan on steering your business towards? 

Kitaabi Keera’s business philosophy and creation was never commercial. Our reason for entering this business was to bring in a new and exciting range of Bookish Goods in Pakistan at reasonable prices.
4. What is the price range of the items you stock?

Most of our products are very affordable. Prices start from Rupees 75 and they go upto Rs. 2,750 for a hand-painted and hand-crafted bookmark.
5. What do you think of the Bookish Community in Pakistan?

The general perception nowadays is that due to tech-boom, a lot of kids have drifted away from book reading.  We, however feel that Bookish community in Pakistan is thriving and it makes us super happy to see young readers in Pakistan who have developed a liking for book reading. It doesn’t come in as a surprise that a lot of bookstagrammers are girls, and that too Medical students. Gentlemen bookstagrammers are a rare commodity on instagram. We still don’t know why.

6. Who are your favourite bookstagrammers from Pakistan?

Some of our favourite Bookstagrammers are

@Browngirlovesbooks – She is one of our biggest supporters and has a gorgeous feed. Do check her insta handle for amazing giveaways and journal entries.

@thebloomingbreeze– A lovely person, a gifted poet and great at taking photos.

@urooj.reads – That girl slays. Just check her feed out.
7. Any proud moments?

One of our proudest moments was when we partnered with Olena from @mybookmark to be the official distributors of their bookmarks in Pakistan.

*I’m currently hosting a mini-giveaway on my instagram account. So if you’d like to win some Kitaabi Keera swag then click HERE .

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