My dream reading nook.


Recently I was contacted by the people at Arhaus who encouraged me to share my dream reading space with you guys.
A reader spends most of their day curled up with a good book. So, naturally one needs a comfy reading nook that caters to all their reading needs and helps them unwind and relax.
In this post I’m going to share my vision of the perfect reading nook- and hopefully someday I’ll get around to making it come true. *fingers crossed*.

The moodboard pictured above represents what I need in my reading space.

First of all, let me tell you about the basics:
The paint on the walls will be white – a classic choice and the floors will be White Oak hardwood floors.

Now let’s discuss the pieces I’ve chosen.
(I’ve just listed the essentials because let’s be honest ,it would take me two entire days to list all the knick-knacks I’d like to have in this post)

  1. French Windows = I live in Pakistan and we have sunny weather all-year round. So, to take advantage of that; I’d love to have floor to ceiling French Windows in my room so I can let all that wonderful, natural sunlight in.
  2. Alderson Bookcase in Black  =A reading space needs a bookshelf. duh. I really love the clear-cut design of the Alderson bookcase. It definitely seems sufficient enough to hold my vast collection of books !
  3. Berwick 47-inch leather tufted chair = A cozy, comfy chair is another essential. The Berwick leather tufted chair looks regal and fit for a bibliophile queen. I can already picture myself in it, curled up with a good book and some coffee. sigh.
  4. Niles hand knotted grey rug  = I really like how this grey hand knotted Niles rug acts as an anchor and helps pull the room together. grey is also one of my favourite colors. so I might be very biased. just saying.
  5.  Taza large pendant ceiling light  = with all of that natural sunlight pouring in through those gorgeous french windows, all lights will be purely ornamental.I love the effect of the Taza ceiling light- the shadows are so pretty and mesmerizing and give the room an old-timey feel. which I absolutely ADORE.
  6. Indoor hanging plants = Indoor plants are another one of my essentials. They don’t even have to be real. They help bring the outdoors indoors. it made much more sense in my head. I just really like plants. okay?.
  7. Marbella end table  = the hand drawn designs on the Marbella end table are simply beautiful and it’ll perfect to hold some of the books I’ll be reading.
  8. Traditional wall-hanging = I love when a room depicts a country’s culture and heritage. This wall-hanging represents the ajrak print that has cultural significance in the province of Sindh. The red brings a pop of color to the room and is something very uniquely Pakistani.

That was my vision of the perfect reading nook.Feel free to let me know about your dream library or reading nook in the comments down below.
(One can never have enough inspiration when it comes to designing the perfect dream library.)

Feel free to go to and browse through their website. They have some really lovely pieces featured there .

I’m especially a fan of their handmade chandeliers : 

*this is not a sponsored post.

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4 thoughts on “My dream reading nook.”

  1. Great post! Yes Yes YES! French windows for me is an absolute must. I love taking a break every now and then from my reading just to look out at the trees, birds, cars – world – going by as I’m sitting comfortably entranced in a whole nother fictional universe.
    Hahaha – definitely – I mean, what’s a reading room without a bookshelf. Now that I’ve moved out of my parents house, I’ve had the freedom to decorate my flat just the way I want, and what does that mean ? Books. Books. Books! I’ve had to buy three more shelves since I’ve moved in and, although my place is a bit more crowded now, I absolutely love walking around my flat and at every turn, I see yet another book 🙂
    I look forward to reading more from you soon!
    Happy reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr! Have you ever thought about your dream reading nook or library? What be an essential for you? (Apart from a HUGE bookshelf of course)


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