It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne

Genre: Young Adult.
Year Of Publication: 1st October 2017
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Pages: 384 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

“I AM like other girls,Harry. Don’t misinterpret my hatred of romance as some kooky, laid-back, manic pixie NONSENSE. I am DAMAGED. I am not CUTE. I am emotionally-fucking-traumatized right now, okay? I am screaming on the inside. I am too angry and messed-up to contain all the stuff girls spend every day containing. That’s why I seem different. That is not sexy.”

Audrey’s life is in shambles.
With a father who’s abandoned them to start a new family.
A manic mother who’s breaking apart and refuses to seek help.
And a boyfriend who broke up with her right after she slept with him.

She has had enough.
Enough of love.
And enough of the Romance Movies her mother insists on watching.

So when she gets an assignment in her Media class she decides she’s going to examine “WHY LOVE IS NEVER LIKE THE MOVIES”

“Because they’re full of unhelpful lies….Romance films ruin people’s real-life relationships. They offer this idea of love that isn’t sustainable in normal life. It’s dan….. It’s…pathetic?”

The only thing keeping her sane is working at Flicker – a cinema where her control freak boss keeps an eye on her every move, but it’s bearable since it keeps her away from the “drama” at home and prevents her from thinking why her boyfriend (Milo) broke up with her.

But what Audrey doesn’t realize is that working at Flicker will change her life.
She’ll meet Harry (the bad boy everyone’s warned her about) and he’ll ask her to act in the movie he’s working on – as a Zombie Bride…..
But unbeknownst to Audrey the role of the zombie bride will help her find herself and soon she’ll be able to resolve the conflicts that keep her awake at night.

I LOVED reading this book.
I had to make time to read it (upcoming exams and all….) and finished it in one sitting!
Not only does it emphasize the role of positive female friendship (which is a recurring theme in all of Holly’s books) but also outlines the fact that sometimes it’s okay to do unconventional things and listen to reason alongside listening to your heart.

Now while I really want to go into detail here I won’t 🙈 because this book isn’t released yet and I don’t want to give too much away – so I’ll just tell you some inconsequential stuff…  

One of my favorite characters was Logan, he was so unapologetically sassy! I loved reading his quips throughout the book. One of my least favorite characters was (obviously) Audrey’s dad – he was pretty infuriating.

Now coming to my favorite part where Harry officially asks Audrey out!

“And I’ve already told you, I like you. And not because I think you’re special, or different, or magic, or not-like-the-others, or that you’re going to save me from my coma of a life. Nope. You’re just a girl, with a collection of hormones and body parts and life experiences and characteristics – like everybody else. I just happen to like the particular combination of those that you have, and would like to take you and your ordinariness to the seaside.”

^that was so perfect!

While the ending made me cry (my naive heart wanted the “traditional’ more obvious ending) I was still happy that Audrey made a decision that made her feel empowered.

Holly Bourne has once again made me realize why I love her so much! I definitely urge you all to go read her books ASAP!
Meanwhile you can read my review of the “Spinster Club Series” HERE.
Also, Holly has a new Adult Fiction book coming out soon and I can’t wait to read it!!!

*I was sent this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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7 thoughts on “It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne”

    1. It’s definitely worth the wait!
      I can’t wait till you read it, let me know your views when you’re done?
      I desperately need someone to discuss the ending with!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. the ending was both sad and empowering -if that makes sense 🙊🙊🙊
      Omg! That’s so annoying. Like why can’t they just be genuinely good friends and not stab each other in the back half way through the book ?! -_-

      Liked by 1 person

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