Rosehead by Ksenia Anske

Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: 20th March 2014
Publisher: Ksenia Anske
Pages: 318 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

“Upon hearing a scary noise, most children typically scream and flee. Not Lilith. Excited by the prospect of solving a mystery, she ran after Panther, deeper and deeper into the sea of roses.”  (pg.24)

Lilith Bloom finds herself being dragged to her grandfather’s mansion in Berlin for a family reunion.
Little does she know about the things that await her in the gardens…… 

“Well, in the twenty-first century most children are not aware of the fact that houses can move, gardens can eat people, and, oh, dare I forget, dogs can talk.”  (pg.147)

Reading Rosehead we’re dragged into Lilith’s wonderful world full of the EXTRAORDINARY.

Her intimidating grandfather lives in a giant ominous mansion and deals in exporting his prized Roses all over the world. He’s proud of what he has accomplished and is very secretive about how he achieves such marvelous buds.

“You snap off the old heads – it’s called deadheading – for the new buds to bloom see?” Lilith’s grandfather never stopped moving. “Roses are delicate and capricious, you have to grab them by the throat while they’re timid, then they’re yours.”  (pg.54)

One thing that unsettles Lilith is the mysterious way her grandmother died…
She suspects there is some foul play involved…
In the mansion, surrounded by a cast of unique relatives and overbearing parents who suspect that she is unhinged because of her overactive ‘imagination’, Lilith decides that she will prove them all wrong once and for all.

She can’t wait to uncover the mystery surrounding the mournful, forlorn sighs that echo through the night and prove how sly and manipulative her grandfather really is…
Accompanied by her ‘savage’ whippet/best-friend Panther and the mysterious Ed, they embark on an adventure that’ll change their lives forever…

This book is such a treat!
While it deals with issues such as mental illness and the stigma around it, it does so in a light-hearted way.

Lilith is such an interesting character. She loves donning berets and wears them according to her mood. A bookworm and ballet enthusiast she is seen wearing a tutu with her nose in a book – in this case ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles” which offers her valuable guidance during her mission.
Apart from her grandfather, I really loved Panther who offers comedic relief and is the voice of her conscience.

“That Agatha woman, if I may so observe, looked like a horse”,Panther growled.” Now I will have a headache. Can’t decide who is uglier,she or your mother.  (pg.50)

“It is what it is.” She shrugged. “There is no death without life, like there is no life without love. Does that mean there is no love without death? Do I have to die to know what love means?” She fixed her new beret, contemplating. “Do i have to lose everything, before I can gain anything?”  (pg.240)

With a fast paced narrative and dark undertones, Rosehead by Ksenia Anske is one book that is reminiscent of authors such as The Brothers Grimm and Neil Gaiman.
Once you start reading it you can’t escape!
The plot was captivating and all the references made to “The Hound of the Baskervilles” were just really well done.
If you’re a fan of the YA and fantasy genre I definitely recommend you read this ASAP!

You can read Rosehead online! (or) you can buy a copy and support the author!
While you wait for your copy to arrive go ahead and read my review of Irkadura, another one of my favourites by Ksenia !!!

*I was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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