Where The World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean


Genre: Young adult, historical fiction
Year Of Publication: 1st May 2017
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Pages: 336 ( Hardcover)
My rating: 5/5

“Every time a lad came fowling on the St Kilda stacs, he went home less of a boy and more of a man. If he went home at all, that is…”

It is the summer of 1727 and nine boys and three men from Hirta (an island with no trees) find themselves marooned on the “Warrior Stac”ย (a sea stac in the St Kilda archipelago ;the highest sea stac in Scotland and the British Isles. Originally known as “Stac an Armin”).

They believe the world has ended – the only explanation they can offer for being abandoned with no one to come and fetch them.

Hysteria gradually begins to set in and everyone is struggling to survive in the cold, harsh climate. They become delusional and start hallucinating.Only one boy ensures their sanity in this dire and strenuous time – Quill (short for Quilliam) spins stories out of thin air; doing his best to keep the small group preoccupied so they can take their minds off ย their distressing circumstances.

“After the world ends,only music and love will survive”

He tries to restore some semblance of “normality” to their lives but, Quill too is human and soon things begin to get out of hand… Continue reading “Where The World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean”

2016: Yearly Recap

2016 was a WONDERFUL year in books!

Not only was this the year I started my very first #BOOKSTAGRAM account (@zoeymuses.aboutbooks ) but this was the year when I took the plunge and began blogging for the very first time ; which provided me a valid reason to ask my parents to buy me tons and tons (and tons ) of books #sorrynotsorry.

[ Now I finally have a reason to host a ย couple of GIVEAWAYSย soon (*wink wink*) ]

* don’t you just love goodreads? *

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RECAP: #eidbookswap 2016

At the beginning of last month I though it would be a great idea if bookstagrammers that lived in Pakistan swapped books during Eid.

I’d been thinking about it for a while now and finally decided it was time to set my plan in motion. Hence, I became the host of the first ever #eidbookswap ( #bookisheidi2016). My goal was to promote the love of reading and a means for positive, meaningful interactions within the #bookstagrampak community. Continue reading “RECAP: #eidbookswap 2016”

Wishlist 2016

2016 is nearly half-way over and like any other bibliophile on a budget I’m sat here deciding what to read next.

With a heavy heart I’ve been able to short-list a few of the titles (from the hundreds) that I want to read A.S.A.P. and have mentioned why I want to read them.

Now without further ado let’s begin!

1) Outlander (series) – Diana Gabaldon

photo by : @books.and.kittens*

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