A place called Perfect by Helena Duggan

Genre: Young Adult.
Year Of Publication: 1st August 2017
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Pages: 368 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

When Mr. Brown gets a job as an optician in the picturesque town of Perfect the Browns decide it’s too great an opportunity to miss out on and so they move their entire family to the little town.
Their ten year old daughter Violet isn’t happy with the move. She never wanted to leave her old life behind and doesn’t like the way everyone and everything in Perfect is … umm….well….perfect.
Soon her suspicions about the seedy town are confirmed when her family’s eyesight begins to weaken and soon they go blind. Luckily the Mr. Archers come to their rescue and  give them all a pair of rose-tinted glasses.
With their eyesight restored everything is back to normal.

Or is it? Continue reading “A place called Perfect by Helena Duggan”


Boy of Fire and Earth by Sami Shah


Genre: Young Adult,Paranormal,Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: 16th June 2017
Publisher: Picador India
Pages: 368 (Paperback)
My rating: 4/5

“High up in the tree was a man,perched with his back against the trunk,his legs crossed on a thin branch.”

Wahid, born of smokeless fire is a half-human half-djinn hybrid. The first of his kind. Until now he’s been oblivious to the fact that he’s different.
But all of that is about to change…
Little does he know that soon his world will be turned upside down.
The people closest to him will die.
He’ll have to struggle to come to terms with his abilities.
His beliefs will be put to the test and he’ll witness things that he’ll wish never to have seen. Continue reading “Boy of Fire and Earth by Sami Shah”

Irkadura by Ksenia Anske

Genre: Fiction, Mental-illness, Abuse.
Year Of Publication: 30th October 2014
Publisher: Ksenia Anske
Pages: 262 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

“The mouse clings to the cage.The sea in front of it is beaks and teeth and hooves and fins and claws.They roar and snarl and crawl toward it,And then they see the butterfly. It flitters up and over them but it doesn’t reach the mouse.The jackal jumps and clamps it in its jaws.The mouse loses its grip,plummets down.The mob is upon it,biting,stinging,jabbing.The howl of the jackal makes them part to let it through.”

Irina Myshko stopped talking when she was two years old.
Sixteen,pregnant and penniless she decides to run away.
Anything to escape the abuse she endures at home.

Sadly the outside world isn’t as inviting as she’d thought it’d be.
Soon she finds herself surrounded by the very people she’s trying to escape.
Through resilience and sheer luck she finds a friend in Pavlik.
And refuge in a theater in communist Russia.

But how long does she have before her life spirals out of control and she loses touch with reality once and for all………

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It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne

Genre: Young Adult.
Year Of Publication: 1st October 2017
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Pages: 384 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

“I AM like other girls,Harry. Don’t misinterpret my hatred of romance as some kooky, laid-back, manic pixie NONSENSE. I am DAMAGED. I am not CUTE. I am emotionally-fucking-traumatized right now, okay? I am screaming on the inside. I am too angry and messed-up to contain all the stuff girls spend every day containing. That’s why I seem different. That is not sexy.”

Audrey’s life is in shambles.
With a father who’s abandoned them to start a new family.
A manic mother who’s breaking apart and refuses to seek help.
And a boyfriend who broke up with her right after she slept with him.

She has had enough.
Enough of love.
And enough of the Romance Movies her mother insists on watching.

So when she gets an assignment in her Media class she decides she’s going to examine “WHY LOVE IS NEVER LIKE THE MOVIES” Continue reading “It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne”

After the Fire by Will Hill


Genre: Young Adult,cults. 
Year Of Publication: 1st June 2017
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Pages: 496 (Paperback)
My rating: 4/5

“….nothing is ever only good and nothing is ever only bad.Everything is somewhere in the middle.”

Ever since Moonbeam was young she’s lived inside the Base. That’s the only life she’s ever known. But soon things begin to change inside the “The Lord’s Legion” when father Patrick is overthrown by Father John.
Heretics are Banished.
Unbelievers locked inside metal cages in the sweltering heat of the Texas sun. Preparations begin for the End Battle against “The Servants of the Serpent”.

Amidst it all Moonbeam begins to question her Faith, wondering whether what she’s been told is the Truth or absolute lies. Continue reading “After the Fire by Will Hill”

Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Year Of Publication: 6th April 2017
Publisher: HQ
Pages: 384 (Paperback)
My rating: 4/5

Barry finds himself quitting his job as an investment banker in New York to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist.Following in the footsteps of his idol Paul Gauguin he heads to Hiva Oa (an island in the Marquesas) with the clothes on his back and some extra pairs of contact lenses.
Accompanying him on a small plane to their destination are Sophie and Etienne – French architects on their honeymoon in Tahiti who decide to take a trip to Hiva Oa to pay tribute to Sophie’s favourite singer Jacques Brel.
Little do they know what’s in store for them.
Defying all odds their plane crashes in the middle of the South Pacific.
Only two passengers survive.

Sophie and Barry.

With Barry’s supply of contact lenses depleting and Sophie consumed with grief,how will this unlikely duo survive being marooned on an island forgotten by civilisation?

“And so it came to pass that two utterly disparate lives happened to overlap … bound together on an uninhabited island some 2,359 miles from Hawaii, 4,622 miles from Chile, and 533 miles from the nearest living soul.
Crap, as Barry liked to say.
Putain de merde, as Sophie was known to exclaim.”

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Dark is the Sea by Heather Blanchard


Genre: Paranormal, Fiction.
Year Of Publication: 12th November 2014
Publisher: Large Things Ltd.
Pages: 202 (Paperback)
My rating: 3.5/5

“My mum had gone missing in the winter,eight years earlier ,as a huge storm battered the coastline. You could feel it coming; an ominous silent monster getting nearer and nearer. Then sound and fury. A wind that smelled of death and splintered wood; sea that dashed against the land with such ferocity; white water smashing the cliffs and beaches……………My eyelids were heavy. I once dreamt of her floating in the canal like Ophelia, with a garland of drooping flowers on her head, and her hands crossed over her chest as she drifted into death. Her eyes were open. But other times I dreamt that her bloated corpse was knocking against the boat. Her eyes had turned a pale filmy grey and insects climbed into her gaping mouth as she was calling my name.”

To escape her fears Rowan Munro decides to leave London and head back to Dorchay – her childhood village in Scotland.There she unites with her eccentric Aunt Kitty and together with her childhood friends Blake and Violet she goes on a journey to find out what happened to her mother when she mysteriously disappeared all those years ago. Continue reading “Dark is the Sea by Heather Blanchard”