The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan

Genre: Fiction, Mystery/Thriller.
Year Of Publication: 14th September 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Pages: 355 (Kindle)
My rating: 4/5

“But they haven’t seen what I’ve seen,they haven’t endured what I’ve had to endure.They float above me,safe and warm and untouched,and I’m down here on the ground,a rat scrabbling to keep up.”

Corinne and Ashley are sisters. They seem to be leading perfectly normal lives when mysterious events start to happen and their lives begin to spiral out of control.  Continue reading “The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan”


Ayesha Dean- The Istanbul Intrigue by Melati Lum

Genre: Pre-Teens,Mystery.
Year Of Publication: 10th April 2016
Publisher: Melby Rose Publishing
Pages: 242 (Paperback)
My rating: 4/5

Ayesha Dean – The Istanbul Intrigue is Melati Lum’s debut novel.
In the book we accompany Ayesha -who’s fresh out of high school and decides to go on a trip from Australia to Istanbul with her friends Jess and Sara.Accompanying them is Ayesha’s guardian Uncle Dave and Sara’s father who are attending a conference in Istanbul.

While sightseeing they chance upon a quaint bookshop selling antique books.There they discover a mysterious note alluding to the location of the 100 year old missing manuscripts of Ibn-Arabi.

Paired with her martial arts and sleuthing skills Ayesha and her two friends set off on an adventure full of mystery and intrigue. Continue reading “Ayesha Dean- The Istanbul Intrigue by Melati Lum”

The Light Blue Jumper (Book #1) by Sidra F. Sheikh


Genre: Sci-Fi, Humor. 
Year Of Publication: 30th June 2017
Publisher: Mongrel Books
Pages: 276 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

“Zaaro Nian was pale blue with watery blue tiny round eyes.He had thin blue lips,a bulbous nose and ears,which fit neatly on to a large head,shiny,round and bald.Yet it wasn’t his physical appearance that was odd.It was everything else.I could not quite decide whether he was an advanced life form who functioned entirely without emotion, or just incredibly naive.”

The story begins when our protagonist – Zaaro the Zaaronian crashes into an IPF Rebel Ship on his way to work.
As a weapons developer.

Being in danger doesn’t concern him as much as getting fired from his jobs does.
Not to mention he’s a “jumper” with the ability to manipulate time AND space – the stuff of myths and legends.
Considered to be extinct.
Until now…. Continue reading “The Light Blue Jumper (Book #1) by Sidra F. Sheikh”

The Spinster Club series by Holly Bourne


Genre: Young Adult,contemporary, feminism, mental health.
Year Of Publication: 1st August 2015-1st November 2016
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Pages: 1570 ( Paperback / Hardback )
My rating: 5/5

This series is AWESOME! I finally understand why people love it so much! Thank God it’s not one of those books that are insanely hyped about but are utter disappointments.

“We can reinvent the word ‘spinster’, make it the complete opposite of what it means?Like ‘young’ and ‘independent’ and ‘strong’?”
“At the moment,spinster,technically means,what?An older unmarried woman?But it also means more than that.It’s the scary fairytale word girls are told about so we fear being unattractive to men from a young age.It means left on the shelf.It means a life wasted.It means cat lady.It means lonely and sad and bitter just because a man doesn’t want you…What if we reversed it?”
“To what?”
“Being a spinster means you value your female relationships as much as your male ones. It means not altering who you are,what you believe in,and what you want just because it makes a boy’s life easier”
“Being a spinster means you’re not afraid to look at society and say loudly,’I don’t agree with this,this is wrong’.Being a spinster means not worrying that boys won’t find you cute or sexy for saying those things”
“Being a spinster means looking after your girlfriends supporting them through whatever they need”

  Continue reading “The Spinster Club series by Holly Bourne”

Update: My blog turned 1 and got featured in a magazine!


So last month I was featured in US magazine (The News International) in an article called “Blogging for Bliss” alongside other fellow bloggers -you can read the entire article HERE.
The magazine comes out weekly on Friday. You can get it nationwide at newspaper stalls or you can read it online. It was such an honor for me to be featured with other influential bloggers from Pakistan.  ( *I regret not getting a print copy for myself).

In other news: My blog is 1 year old ! 🎉🎊🎈
*I can’t believe I stuck with something for so long without giving up 🙈😂
I have a ton of fun things planned for the future *fingers crossed* so stay tuned!


GIVEAWAY (closed): The Rose Within by Sana Pirzada


It’s The Rose Within’s 1 YEAR anniversary!
I’ve teamed up with the author to give you the chance to win a SIGNED copy of this wonderful book ! (read my reveiw HERE  and you can find my exclusive interview with Sana Pirzada HERE  ) Continue reading “GIVEAWAY (closed): The Rose Within by Sana Pirzada”

This house of clay and water by Faiqa Mansab


Genre: Contemporary fiction, Pakistani literature
Year Of Publication: 24th May 2017
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Pages: 270 ( Hardback )
My rating: 4.5/5

Set in the streets of the historical city of Lahore; This House of clay and Water tells the story of it’s three main protagonists – Nida, Bhanggi and Sasha.
Told in alternating POVs , the story transports us into their lives and we come face to face with their hopes, dreams and longings- the emotions they’ve suppressed for far too long. Now threatening to burst at the seams.
As the characters try to come to terms with themselves and try to figure out their identities, we get a glimpse of how religion and societal norms play a part in shaping “who we are” and what is expected of us.

“In our aloneness, our souls had found each other. That was all. How silly to call it anything less”

This story isn’t merely about forbidden love.
It’s about the intricacies that bind us together as human beings. How easy it is sometimes to forget that.  Continue reading “This house of clay and water by Faiqa Mansab”