Review policy

Genres I Review:

  • Young Adult/ New Adult
  • Historical fiction
  • True Crime
  • Mystery/ Thrillers
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Memoirs / biographies/ autobiographies
  • graphic novels
  • Books by South Asian authors
  • Literary fiction
  • Audiobooks

All review requests are subject to the following:

I do not schedule review dates.
Please keep a three month time frame in mind while sending me books to review.
I do prioritize reviewing arcs before their publishing dates but I need a minimum of two weeks to read them.
I’m a student (+an international book blogger)- that means paying custom charges for me is a burden. If you’re sending me books please include inbound duties and taxes as well.
ARCs vs. Finished Copies: I will happily accept either format for review.
Self-Published Books: I do accept self-published books for review.
E-Books: I do accept e-book review copies, but prefer print. I put a priority on reviewing print, rather than ebook review copies.

Author Interviews, Guest Posts, and Giveaways:

I conduct author interviews and guest posts. Giveaways are either hosted by me or in collaboration with an author/publisher/(etc.)- it is usually mentioned in detail at the end of the giveaway post.

About my reviews:

All the books I review are either bought, won, gifted/borrowed from a friend or received free of charge from the publisher or author in exchange for a completely honest review.
If my posts are sponsored I’ll be mentioning it at the bottom of each post.
 My reviews are completely honest and without bias.
All photographs/videos are mine unless otherwise mentioned.
I cross-post excerpts from my reviews on Goodreads, and mention them on Twitter and Instagram.


Please note that I am currently a student so I don’t always have a lot of time to read. I can’t guarantee how quickly reviews will be posted but I will try to post them as soon as possible. I can say that most books I receive will be reviewed. Also, while I don’t post reviews daily, I do try to post something book-related once every month.

Contact Me:

Please fill the contact form in detail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also email me at : zoeylikestoread at gmail dot com


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