The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan

Genre: Fiction, Mystery/Thriller.
Year Of Publication: 14th September 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Pages: 355 (Kindle)
My rating: 4/5

“But they haven’t seen what I’ve seen,they haven’t endured what I’ve had to endure.They float above me,safe and warm and untouched,and I’m down here on the ground,a rat scrabbling to keep up.”

Corinne and Ashley are sisters. They seem to be leading perfectly normal lives when mysterious events start to happen and their lives begin to spiral out of control. 

Ashley, a mother of three starts getting mysterious phone calls from someone (with heavy breathing down the other end). Her teenage daughter is acting out and she’s suspicious her husband is having an affair.

Corinne is trying to have a baby. She wants to begin a family with her boyfriend Dominic but her IVF treatments aren’t as effective as she thought they’d be.Amidst her frustrations she begins to find small pieces of furniture that belonged to her Doll House when she was young.For fear of sounding anxious she decides to dismiss it.

Then the paranoia sets in and things begin to take a turn for the worse.
She believes that someone is following her.
Invading her privacy.
Sneaking into her apartment.
Playing with her life.

“It’s too deep within me,I’m too far gone.”

The Doll House is told from multiple POVs and Phoebe Morgan has done a remarkable job giving each character their own voice so the back and forth between all the different characters doesn’t feel too tedious.

I really loved the way this book was written. The story starts off pretty mundane and unsuspecting but a few chapters in the book starts building up to a crescendo full of mystery and suspense.

Although beautifully written, the mystery part of this book was pretty anti-climactic.If you’re paying attention you’ll be able to uncover the main element of the story (and chances are that you’ll be correct with your assumptions) – it doesn’t help that there are only two people who might be “it”.

Regardless, I found myself enjoying the last couple of chapters. The ending had me frustrated in the best way possible.

I’d definitely recommend The Doll House if you like reading psychological thrillers and books about deep-buried family secrets.

I look forward to reading more books by Phoebe Morgan in the future because I’ve definitely become a fan of her writing.

The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan will be releasing as an ebook on 14th September 2017 so mark the date and grab yourselves a copy!

*I was sent this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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